How spicy is our harissa hot sauce and marinade (smoky heat)?

We would classify it as moderate level heat. The chilis, smoky peppers, and garlic offer enough of a kick to keep you wanting more. The feedback we hear the most is that it is the perfect level of heat and does not overpower the food. If you are a hot sauce fanatic looking for killer lingering heat, then stay tuned for our spicy hot version.

Where can you buy our products?

Currently you can order our products through our website and in select stores listed here. If you’d like to see our products in a store near you, please send us an email at and we will try to make it happen!

Are our products kosher?

Our products and manufacturing facility are kosher certified by Please note that you may receive a bottle that does not include the K symbol. This is due to a large label print run prior to finalizing our kosher certification. You can view or download a copy of our Kosher certificate here.

Are our products vegan and gluten-free?

Yes to both. We also use non-GMO ingredients.

Do we offer wholesale pricing?

Absolutely. We offer wholesale and bulk pricing to hotels, restaurants, and retailers. Please complete the form found on our Wholesale page.

Where do we ship?

We currently ship within the US only,

Why do we ferment our hot sauce and marinade?

Our philosophy is to naturally prolong the lifespan of our sauce and to embrace mother nature’s processes to preserve our product. Lacto-fermentation uses salt and lactic acid bacteria to help enhance flavor without using any preservatives. Our products may contain excess gas, therefore, please open the cap and seal with caution. When removing the seal, please face the product away from yourself, others, and valuable items.

Do our products need to be refrigerated?

After opening, please refrigerate to avoid any potential microbial growth.

Please feel free to reach out to us at if you have any additional questions.